Thursday, December 18, 2014

Tulle & Plaid

It's officially my favorite time of year--not only does this time represent full evergreens, silk ribbon, plaid, and hot cocoa, but it, of course, represents such a glorious time in every believer's year.
I had such a fun time during this shoot in Old Salem with Tammy Torres Photography as she captured one of my go-to holiday season outfits! Few things pair better with plaid than delicate tulle, don't you think? This ensemble is perfect for Christmas Eve service, a holiday party with your friends or coworkers, and even Christmas day while enjoying the company of sweet family!

Christmas means so much more than a fraser fir tree carefully chosen in the mountains or the perfect gifts for your loved ones, no matter how gorgeous the wrapping is! Christmas is about the birth of our One True Savior, our God and Creator in full human form as a baby on this very earth--Jesus! My prayer for you is that during this time you slow down and reflect on the full meaning of what Christ has brought to us, which is a hope and salvation through Him.
Very Jane Necklace (similar) // H&M Plaid Top (similar) // Lily & Laura Bracelets // L. Mae Boutique Tulle Skirt (similar) // Nude Heels

All photos by the incredible Tammy Torres Photography!


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Kearns Party of 2: First Look

I shared a little bit of my heart and several photos from our first look here, but there are just so many good ones that I have to share more!

I highly recommend a first look. I know it's not traditional, but wow--I wouldn't take it back for anything. There are so many reasons to have a first look, and the reasons that were most important to us were to have a special moment with just myself & Ryan (and the photographers) before the ceremony in front of everyone and to allow for more photo time. Photography was one of the largest investments for us, and it just makes sense to take full advantage with lots of photo time before and after the ceremony.

All photos by Joy Davis Photography!


Friday, December 5, 2014

Weddington Way | Style Challenge

Weddington Way contacted me a few weeks ago to participate in their Style Challenge by choosing a bridesmaid dress and styling it beyond the wedding. With gorgeous bridesmaid dresses like the ones found on Weddington Way, it couldn't be more simple to transform your wedding look into a gorgeous weekend outfit.

Weddington Way | Holiday Glam
The toughest part of the challenge was actually choosing a dress! There are incredible styles to choose from in so many different styles and color options (see them here!). But when I set my eyes on this gorgeous flowing beauty, I knew this was the one I would be working with!

With Thanksgiving behind us and Christmas to look forward to, I am sure you have a number of holiday soirées on your agenda. This bridesmaid dress can easily be styled with classic neutral details like nude heeled sandals and a leather handbag along with deep red accents in your lipstick and nails. This look is sure to impress, and I truly believe that this dress will accentuate any body type!
Lighter colors are so trendy right now for both bridesmaid dresses and holiday parties, so this is a perfect choice for any glam occasion. Even beyond this season, the dress can be paired with sandals and a great jean jacket for a spring picnic or date night!
How will you style your bridesmaid dresses after the wedding?!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Beautiful Babies by Kristen Michaelis

First of all, this is not a pregnancy announcement. But I am happy to announce that for the past three months, my husband, Ryan, and I have been "trying" for a baby. Shortly after we began trying, I discovered Laken's blog Peach and Humble. I instantly became a fan, and practically ate up all of her posts on real food and natural fertility.

To take it to the next level, I snatched up Beautiful Babies by Kristen Michaelis. Other than the Bible, of course, this has been my most go-to book to date. I read it through very quickly and couldn't stop talking about it with my family, friends, and coworkers. I am enamored by Kristen's unmatched knowledge and know-how. I have already started reading through the book a second time and feel very confident that I will read through it several more times before the pages become too worn.

The first portion of the book is sectioned out and talks about various natural food items and their processed counterparts, the difference between them and the differences they make in our bodies, especially in regard to our fertility. Michaelis goes in-depth about choosing naturally extracted oils over the typical yellow-seed oils derived from high-heat chemical processes. Even if you are not planning to conceive in the near future, I consider this book to be a must-read for the first half of the book alone.

The next portion of the book talks specifically about what you should and should not be eating as a pregnant mother and breastfeeding mother. She even goes into detailing the best methods for breastfeeding plus how and when to introduce real food to your baby, which is much more appealing to me than the unrecognizable muck called baby food purees.

The last portion of the book is made up of delicious looking and sounding recipes as well as information on food substitutes to try instead of the processed and chemically filled ones that we are probably used to. I have already dog-eared several of the recipes that I want to try first, with the big one being bone broth. Don't freak out--I know it sounds a little peculiar. But after reading about bone broth on Peach and Humble, in the book, and on the author's blog Food Renegade it just makes so much sense!

It can be slightly intimidating and overwhelming to learn about this "new" way of thinking, but I know that with time these discoveries will help me make the most informed and wise choices for my family. I will be sharing more about our "real food" journey here, so stay tuned!